By his power the laws owe to the rights

today the Constitution in more than 110 countries in the world have reference to the Declaration, it allows people all over the world unite together in protecting and ensuring their rights. Joined this historic document, and Ukraine, as the development of legal state and civil society is impossible without formation of a new level of legal consciousness and legal culture of citizens.

In 2016, the law week will be held from 5 to 9 December, in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 31.08.2016 No. 627-R. the Purpose of law week is to increase the General level of legal culture, the education of the citizens respect for the law and human rights, to improve legal education of the population.

an Important role in improving the legal education of the population and ensuring the rights and freedoms of man played by archival institutions.

The leading place in the work of the state archives of Donetsk oblast is the execution of queries aimed at social protection and ensuring the rights of citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders.

work with addresses of citizens is vested in the Department of using of documents ' information. Citizens have the opportunity to request the necessary information personally or to send a request to a written statement by mail/e-mail. Also the citizens advice telephone during the working day. Reception and counselling of individuals and legal entities, providing answers to citizens free of charge.

in the consideration of requests of citizens first queries are executed the least socially protected layers of the population, Heroes, the disabled and veterans of the great Patriotic war, liquidators of Chernobyl, participants of anti-terrorist operation, their families, internally displaced persons and affected as a result of this transaction, large families and other citizens who need social protection and support.

To the state archives receives many requests for non-core matters, a significant portion of them, the queries of seniority and wages. Archive non-core sends a request for the location of the requested documents or provide relevant recommendations to the applicant.

the Most effective method of protecting the rights of citizens today is personal acceptance. Personal communication is a unique opportunity to resolve a particular issue, assistance in addressing the problems of the individual.

Specialists of the state archive of personal reception of citizens is carried out from Monday to Friday from 9.00 till 15.00 to the address: 85102, Donetsk region, Konstantinovka, St. 6th September, 10, KAB. 31. For advice on the search of documents on staff of the liquidated institutions or other questions, please call (06272) 2-15-42.

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