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Archive аddress: 156, Lomonosova Av, Kostiantynivka, Ukraine, 85102, tel: (06272)2-52-05;
reception of citizens: 10, 6 September street, (kab.31) Kostiantynivka, Ukraine, 85102, Tel. (06272) 2-15-42



Appeals of Citizens

General information

A work with citizens' appeals in the State Archives executed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens’ Appeals" , Decree of President of Ukraine № 109/2008 from 07.02.2008 "On immediate measures to ensure the realization and to guarantee the constitutional right to appeals to government bodies and local governments".

Obligation to work with citizens in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast assigned the Department of Using of Documents' Information.
The Department of Using of Documents' Information:
  • organize reception of citizens;
  • provides delivery of archival information on the applications of citizens and organizations;
  • gives advice over the phone: (06272)2-52-05;
  • provides the work of reading rooms.

    Head of Department - Zaporozhetz Olena

    Advice to citizens are provided at the reception, by telephone and e-mail.

    Issues of working with citizens each year are considered at the board meeting.
    State Archives provides information on work with citizens in the Donetsk Region State Administration and in the State Archival Service of Ukraine.

    Social and legal requests (free)

    Social and legal requests have to do with the provision of information necessary for the legal rights of individuals.

    The list of social and legal requests that run free:
    1. Seniority and wages;
    2. Education and training;
    3. Parliamentary activities;
    4. Awards, honorary titles;
    5. Award academic degrees, academic titles;
    6. Repression, elimination of the kulaks, deprivation of liberty and the right to vote (including confiscation of property);
    7. Stay in the evacuation, in the occupied territories, in a concentration camp, forcible removal to Germany;
    8. Administrative and territorial changes (rename the oblast, districts, cities).

    Queries labor topics

    For confirmation of labour experience, wage, studies rate it follows to appeal to that establishment, organization, enterprise, educational establishment, where a person worked or studied.
    Documents from a personnel (orders, personal accounts, personal files, information of extra charge of salary) are saved in establishments, enterprises, organizations during 75 years and not subject to the deposit in the state archival institutions.
    If establishment, organization, enterprise reorganized or liquidated it follows to appeal to the legal successor or organization of higher level, where and documents must be passed from a personnel.
    If an institution, organization, enterprise liquidated, the documents shall be deposited to labor archives of city councils, or labor archives district councils, or to private archives.

    For information on earnings and length of service of employees of the Party and Komsomol (regional, city and district committees of the Communist Party and Komsomol) should contact the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast.

    Lists of liquidated companies:

    Lists of liquidated companies whose personnel documents are stored in labor archives, in private archives, in the legal successors           [Updated 26.01.2017]

    List of companies liquidated in January - March 2011

    Lists of companies that are in the disposition of the property procedures, reorganization, liquidation, as at:
    01.02.2011,       01.03.2011,       01.04.2011

    Lists of legal arbitrage managers, registered and unregistered Office for insolvency in the Donetsk Oblast of the State Department for insolvency, as at:
    01.02.2011,       01.03.2011,       01.04.2011


    Thematic queries

    The State Archives executes inquiries which touch to information on certain problem, theme for certain chronologic period and establishment or confirmation of certain fact, event.

    All thematic queries performed for a fee.

    Inquiries regarding civil status and confirm family ties

    In the State Archives are church metrical books of 19 - early 20 century different denominations: Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, meetinghouses Baptists and others. They are collected in funds Churches of settlements Ekaterinoslav region, Kharkiv region and Don's Army Region, that are currently included in the Donetsk Oblast.
    According to these books can to confirm the birth, marriage or death.

    If the fact of birth, marriage or death was registered after 1920 and the place of registration is now the territory of Donetsk Oblast citizens can get an answer or a special consultation in the Department of Civil Registration Regional Department of Justice (Universitetskaya, 13).

    The right of citizens and their personal reception, mail

    Citizens can request the necessary information personally to the state archives of the region or send requests in the form of written statements by mail.

    Also, the query may be sent by mail elektronnoy (
    Cases sent by email are logged, if they are designed in accordance with the requirements set out in article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "About addresses of citizens" No. 393 / 96-BP dated October 2, 1996, namely:
    was the appeal response is available in the form of the state archive.

    e-mail citizens can use service of archives for the advice for clarification about the documents and the files. Response to such treatment is not provided on the form.
    email: .

    Reception of citizens is carried out by the Director of state archives, his deputies in the office, the chief and designated employees of Department of using of documents ' information in the room of reception of citizens according to the approved schedule.
    Reception and consultation of physical and legal persons is free of charge.
    Personal reception of women, who has the honorary title "Mother heroine", disabled of the great Patriotic war Heroes of Socialist Labour, heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Ukraine is carried out in the first place. Special attention is given to problem solving, which treated veterans of war and labor, disabled the victims owing to the Chernobyl disaster, large families, single mothers and other citizens who need social protection and support.
    During personal reception the citizen shall present a document proving his identity.
    reception is determined by the contents of the arisen question to which officials or government archival institutions citizen was contacted and what was decided, and studied the documents, other materials, provided by citizens to justify their treatment.
    if incurred by the citizen to solve the issue on a personal reception is not possible because of the complexity and need for additional study, the citizen can be offered the opportunity to present it in written form.
    Appeal may be filed personally as a separate entity (individual) and a group of persons (collective).

    Statement can also be sent by mail.
    The statement must clearly indicate a name of applicant, his place of residence, postal address, an occasion on which he refers to the State Archives. A written request may be printed or handwritten legibly and clearly, signed by the applicant with the date.
    For registration and execution of the request requires the postal address of the applicant. Without a mailing address and signature of the applicant request is not considered.
    You can also write your phone number and e-mail address.

    Services are provided by official language (Ukrainian) or by regional language (Russian) in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Principles of the State Language Policy" .

    Employees of the State Archives in the performance of their official duties shall strictly adhere to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Rules of Ethical Conduct" and generally accepted ethical standards.

    To compile the statements, you can use samples of statements.

    Making requests for birth, marriage, and death

    A request for birth should include: date of birth, place of birth, full name (last name, first name), the names of the parents, maiden name (for womеn).
    A request for marriage should include: year and place of marriage, the full names of married (for womеn maiden name).
    A request for marriage should include: year and place of death, the full name of the deceased.
    To the request must attach copies of documents to prove this relationship (copies of birth, marriage, death).

    The cost of one archival inquiry about one person (birth or marriage or death) is 93.02 hryvnia.
    The State Archives sends an invoice only in the case of a positive result. An archival inquiry is sent after payment.
    In the case of a negative result the State Archives sends free message about lack of data.

    Schedules of citizens' reception in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast

    Schedule of citizens' reception by employees of Department of Using of Documents' Information:

  • Monday and Wednesday - 8:30 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:00 (Office №501)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are not reception days

    Schedule of citizens' reception by management of State Archives of Donetsk Oblast:

  • Office № 502
    The acting Director of the archives
    II and IV Wednesday of the month - 10:00 - 13:00

    Consideration of citizens' appeals and execute queries

    Consideration of citizens executed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens’ Appeals".

    Written statements of citizens are considered in accordance with the procedure established by law for written correspondence.
    A outcome of the query consideration reported to citizen in written or orally (as he wishes).
    In accordance with article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens’ Appeals" requests are considered and solved within one month from the date of their receipt. Requests that do not require additional study considered without delay, but not later than 15 days from the date of registration. If in one month can not resolve the issue, management of State Archives can extend the solution term to 45 calendar days with mandatory notification of the applicant.
    Negative responses, indicating a lack of information or documents, free of charge.

    Term of query consideration for foreign citizens may be extended up to 3 months.

    Inquiries, copies, extracts, which provides the State Archives, are the basis for benefits and compensation payments.

    Analytical and accounting information

    Legislation and Regulations

  • "On Citizens’ Appeals" (Law of Ukraine from 02.10.1996 № 393/96-ВР)

  • "On Principles of the State Language Policy" (Law of Ukraine from 03.07.2012 № 5029-VI)

  • "On Rules of Ethical Conduct" (Law of Ukraine from 17.05.2012 № 4722-VI)

  • Decree of President of Ukraine "On immediate measures to ensure the realization and to guarantee the constitutional right to appeals to government bodies and local governments" № 109/2008 from 07.02.2008

  • On approval of the Methodology of estimation the level of organization of work with сitizens’ аppeals in the executive branch
    (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Resolution from 24.06.2009 № 630),
        [Posted 27.11.2013]

  • The basic rules of job of the State Archives of Ukraine.
    (Approved by the Board of State Committee on Archives from 03.02.2004, protocol № 2)

  • The organization and conduct of personal reception of citizens in the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
    (order of State Archives from 16.07.2012 № 44)

  • Standing orders of job State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
    (order of State Archives from 24.05.2012 № 33)

    (look section 7)

  • The procedure for the use of documents of the National Archival Fund of Ukraine, which belong to the State and Territorial Communities
    (order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine from 19.11.2013 № 2438/5)
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  • Regulations for the Use of Documents of the National Archival Fund of Ukraine in State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
    (approved protocol Scientific and Methodological Council of State Archives of Donetsk Oblast 17.10.2008 № 5)

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