State Archival Service of Ukraine
State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
Archive ddress: 156, Lomonosova Av, Kostiantynivka, Ukraine, 85102, tel: (06272)2-52-05;
reception of citizens: 10, 6 September street, (kab.31) Kostiantynivka, Ukraine, 85102, Tel. (06272) 2-15-42



About us

Basic facts

As follows from its Statute, the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast is a structural subdivision of Donetsk Region State Administration, accountable and subordinate to its Head and the State Archival Service of Ukraine.

Basic tasks and functions of State Archives:
  • realization of public policy in the field of the archival business and office work,
  • realization of management the archival business and office work on territory of Donetsk Oblast, co-ordination of activity of enterprises, establishments, organizations of all patterns of ownership, authorities in the questions of the archival business and office work;
  • contributing to the National archived fund of archival documents, which have a local value, conduct of account and permanent storage of this documents, and also use of information, that in them contained;
  • realization of control after activity of the archived establishments and services of office work, providing of observance of legislation is about the National archived fund and archival establishments.

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    "Provision on the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast"
    (disposition of the Head of Donetsk Region State Administration from 23.05.2013 268),       [Posted 27.05.2013]
    "Regulations of job of the State Archives of Donetsk Oblast"
    (order of State Archives from 24.05.2012 33)

  • Services of State Archives

    In pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from November 07, 2014, 595 "on Some issues of financing budget institutions, the implementation of social payments to the population and the provision of financial support to individual enterprises and organizations of Donetsk and Lugansk regions", the decree of the Chairman of regional state administration on October 20, 2014 644 "On amendments to order of the Chairman of regional state administration on July 29, 2014 No. 590" the state archives of Donetsk oblast was re-registered in Kramatorsk, the actual location in the city of Kostiantynivka. The state archives of the region has suspended the activities using archivements from 08.12.2014, due to the fact that the documents remained in the city of Donetsk, in the territory temporarily natkonal bodies of state power of Ukraine.

    In this regard, the archive references are not given. In response to the requests of the citizens free of negative response about the impossibility of identifying information on the holdings of the state archives of the region.

    Collective organs of State Archives

    Structure of State Archives
    Archive of Director - Vacancy

    Acting Director of the Archives - Deputy Director - Head of the use of information documents (document preservation issues, advocacy and use of documents, information archival institutions of the region, logistical archive)
    Pirozhkova Natalia
    to be implemented in areas of public policy in the field of Informatization archival Affairs and document usage;
    - to organize the storage and accounting of NAF documents in the archives of the state archives;
    - coordination of the establishment and improvement of the system of finding AIDS to the documents stored in the state archives;
    - the Creation of conditions of transfer of traditional archival technologies new information technologies;
    - Providing access to archival information in electronic form, functioning of technological processes, kompyuternih databases and information systems;
    - Organization of economic and logistical support of structural divisions of the state archives;
    - Coordination: Department of physical safety of documents and retrieval systems; Department of the preservation of documents, registration and reference system; Department use of information documents; administrative Department; archival institutions of the region on issues of Informatization of archival business;
    - training proposals for the development and organization of work with documents in electronic form;
    - Responsibility for the state of fire safety in the state archives;
    - Organization of measures for mobilization training and activities of the state archive in case of emergency;
    - the coordination of the scientific-methodical Council; the Commission on account of publications of the state archives; the inventory Commission; fire-technical Commission
    Pirozhkova Natalia

    Phone: (06272) 2-52-05
    Deputy Director - Head of the organization and coordination of archives (questions of organizational work, the formation of GAF and records management; issues of the field of archival institutions, archival departments of the executive authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership)
    - to Implement in the region the state policy in the field of archival business and administration;
    - Ensuring interaction of the state archives of the region with the archival institutions of the region, structural divisions of the regional state administration, representative bodies, local self-government bodies, state supervision and control, law enforcement, enterprises, institutions, organizations;
    - control the execution of planned targets and analysis of the work of archival institutions of the region;
    - Organization of work on preparation of normative-methodical documents on the formation The national archival Fund, maintenance of archival Affairs and record keeping;
    - to Coordinate robots: the Department of coordination and organization of archival business; Department of formation NAF and record keeping; chief scientific officer; sector records management of state archives; the archival institutions of the region;
    - Organization of preparation of proposals concerning appointment and dismissal of managers of archival institutions of the region;
    * management of the competitive bidding Committee; Commission on personnel matters; Commission of certification of workplaces; Commission for the development of professional profiles posts public service Commission exams for validating knowledge on issues of labour protection at the state archives;
    Is Deputy Chairman of the Board of the state archives;
    - Organization and coordination of works on labor protection and creation of proper working conditions in the archival institutions of the region
    Deputy Director - Head of the organization and coordination of archives:

    Vacancy (temporarily)

    Phone: (06272) 2-52-05
    Sector personnel management service
    - to Implement state policy on matters of personnel work and public service in the state archives of the region;
    - Implementation of analytical and organizational work for human resource management;
    - to meet the needs of the state archives of the region of qualified staff and their effective use;
    - Forecasting staff development, promotion of employees of state archives of the region to service the growth, providing them with continuous learning;
    - documentation of public service and labor relations;
    - Work with HR reserve
    Chief Specialist:

    Talalykina Anna

    phone: (06272) 2-52-05
    Chief specialist-legal counsel
    - to ensure the correct application of the law in the state archives;
    - Preparation of conclusions on legal questions arising in activity of the state archives;
    - to Check for compliance with the requirements of current legislation and legal examination draft orders of the state archives and other documents of legal nature that relate to activities state archives;
    - Maintenance of claims work in the state archives;
    - Organization of work related to conclusion of contracts, participation in the preparation and implementation of activities aimed at fulfillment of contractual obligations, protection of property rights and legitimate interests state archives;
    - making on the state registration in the Department of justice in the Donetsk region normative legal acts of the state archive, which hurt the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens or have interdepartmental character
    Chief specialist-legal counsel

    Kochanowski Olga

    phone: (06272) 2-52-05
    Divisions and subdivisions
    Department of coordination and organization of archival Affairs
    - Organization of work on development of target programs of development of archives in the region;
    - Preparation of perspective, annual plans of development of archival business;
    - Preparation of proposals for the development of a network of archival institutions of the region;
    - Coordination and control over the work of archival institutions of the region;
    - Organization of methodical work in the sphere of record keeping;
    - traveling seminars on exchange of experience of archival institutions of the region;
    the Study, generalization and dissemination of international and Ukrainian experience of archival institutions;
    - Organization of training and advanced training of workers of archival institutions of the region
    Deputy Head of Department:

    Vasilenko Inna Viktorovna

    phone: (06272) 2-10-61
    The Department of formation of the National archival Fund and records management
    - Organization of formation of NAF and a monitoring fee in the region of archival documents;
    - to Exercise control over the activities of archival subdivisions of state authorities, local authorities of enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of form of ownership;
    - Organizing and conducting meetings, seminars on issues archive and records management
    Department Head:

    Alimova Natalia

    phone: (06272) 2-10-61
    The Department of safekeeping of documents, record keeping and reference tools
    Shevchenko Elena Mechislavovna
    - preservation of NAF documents;
    - Reception of NAF documents from institutions, organizations and enterprises of the region regardless of their form of ownership, individuals;
    Accounting documents;
    - the Creation of finding AIDS;
    - Providing of methodical and consultative assistance on issues of preservation of archival documents
    Department Head:

    Shevchenko Elena Mechislavovna

    (Temporary vacancy)
    Department of using of documents ' information
    - Organization of work with addresses of citizens, personal reception of citizens consideration of issues raised in appeals, drafting of responses;
    - query Execution legal and physical persons;
    - systematic analysis and synthesis of citizens with the aim of identifying socially important problems that require urgent solutions, inform the management of the state archives of the region, The state archival service of Ukraine and regional state administration;
    - Organization of work of users in reading rooms;
    - Organization of work on execution of requests for providing public information physical, juridical persons, associations of citizens;
    - to work with the media;
    - to inform the public, bodies of state power and local self-government on the composition and content of NAF documents
    Deputy Head of Department:


    phone: (06272) 2-15-42
    The Department of physical safety of documents and retrieval systems
    Head of Department


    phone: (06272) 2-52-05
    - the physical preservation of NAF documents;
    - to create the insurance Fund on the documents of the churches contain records of the birth, marriage and death by means of microfilm;
    - to create a Fund for use of documents from the period before 1917 by scanning;
    - Creating and filling the necessary databases that facilitate information retrieval research and reference work of the archives;
    - Presentation of the state archives of Donetsk region in the Internet
    The sector of the economy and financial security
    - Ensuring efficient and economical use of budgetary allocations;
    - Development of schemes of salaries and wages of employees state archive system area, tariffs for paid services;
    - Organization of work on financing, payment, planning and reporting, accounting;
    - Development of draft orders relating to the competence of the sector;
    - Organization of inventory of cash, inventory, fixed assets
    Head of Sector:

    Vakulenko Asya
    Documentation Sector
    - Providing a clear organization of records management in the public archive;
    - Ensure timely review of the documentation supplied to the State Archives and submit to the leadership;
    - Provision of systematic control over timely execution of documents;
    - Admission, registration, accounting and document delivery in the division;
    - Organization of work on reception of visitors guidance on personal matters State Archives
    Head of Sector:

    Yakubovskaya Lily Vitalievna

    phone: (06272) 2-52-05
    Maintenance department
    - The economic and logistical support to the field of structural podrozdeleny State Archives;
    - The content in the proper condition of the two buildings and premises State Archives fieldarchives, ventilation system and boiler;
    - Organization and control of sanitary conditions of premises State Archives field Archives and the State Archives of the area adjacent to the area;
    - Provision of structural units of state archive area necessary forms, stationery and household goods;
    - Provision of labor mechanization junior taff;
    - Provision of accounting of inventory and compliance with the rules of registration and delivery of primary credit and debit documents;
    - Provision of and compliance with the requirements of fire safety and security State Archives field
    Head of Department:


    From the history of archival construction in Donbass

    the First building of the Stalinist regional archive
  • Until 1917, the state archives did not have the documents stored in the departments;
  • may, 1920 - created the archival Commission under the departments of national education to collect materials of the institutions of pre-revolutionary period;
  • January 3, 1922 - created the Donetsk provincial archives (hubar) under the Presidium of the Donetsk province Executive Committee;
  • 1924 - gubara created at the provincial historical archive (the premises were not);
  • in 1925 eliminated provincial institutions established Artemovsk, Stalin and Mariupol County archives Department;
  • July 1929, created the regional historical archive of the industry of Donbass;
  • in September 1930 abolished the County archival administration, October 1, 1930. created Artemovskaya Stalin and Mariupol city archives Department.
  • March 1932 - Stalin's city archives and provincial historical archive of Donbas industry was reorganized in the Stalinist state historical archive, Artyomovsk and Mariupol archives Department was reorganized into the state historical archives;
  • 29 Sep 1932 - on the basis of the Stalinist state historical archive created the Donetsk regional historical archive;
  • October 1932 - created the Donetsk regional archival Department, began to form municipal and regional state archives;
  • , 1938, the Donetsk region is divided into 2 areas: Stalin and Voroshilovgrad. Donetsk regional historical archives was renamed to Stalin;
  • November 1938 - archival institutions transferred to the people's Commissariat of internal Affairs in archival administration; the building of the former party archive of the Donetsk regional party Committee (built in 1973). Modern archive building (built in 1965)
  • 25 Nov 1938 - Stalin's regional historical archives was renamed in Stalin's regional archives in the city of Stalino, Artemivsk historical archive - in the Stalin regional archive in the town of Artemovsk, Mariupol historical archive - in the Stalin regional archive in Mariupol;
  • in 1944-1946 - returning from the evacuation funds Artyomovsk and Mariupol archives joined the Stalinist regional archive, in the historical archives of the city of Artemivsk and Mariupol ceased to exist;
  • June 1960 - archival institutions was taken from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of internal Affairs;
  • November 1961 in connection with the renaming of Stalin in Donetsk, Stalin's regional archives was renamed into the Donetsk regional archive;
  • June 1980, received the name State archives of Donetsk oblast;
  • November 1988 - eliminated the archival Department of the Donetsk Executive Committee, his leadership archives in the area transferred to the state archives of the region;
  • October 16, 1991 - in the collections of the state archives of Donetsk region, and includes documents of the former Donetsk regional Committee of Communist party of Ukraine.

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